Create a Bouquet of Memories

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About Create a Bouquet of Memories

Surprise your Bride to be with a fun filled workshop creating her very own Wedding Bouquet of Memories. Each guest is encouraged to bring along a piece of jewellery that represents a part of the brides life, this can be a badge from a group they may have been part of, to a school medal, a sentimental piece belong to their mother or grand mother or indeed a cheap tacky ear-ring that reminds them or a silly occasion. Guests will be taught how to wire their pieces and the bride herself will assemble the bouquet. Once completed Kay's ladies will finish and dress the bouquet and the Bride to be will have her very own Bouquet of memories at the end of the workshop. Some brides choose to use their bouquet for their actual wedding day as it is so unique to them and each piece has a special meaning in it.

€600.00 / class


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