Cocktails and Headpieces

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About Cocktails and Headpieces

Drop Dead Twice is Dublin's first and only Bring Your Own Cocktail bar. Organising a party for a group of people who don't all know each other can be difficult. This session bridges the gap - offering a creative distraction whilst socialising (in a not-completely-booze-fueled way). Drop Dead Twice have partnered with When Poppy Met Daisy to bring you the ideal way to spend an afternoon with a group of your favourite creative-cool-kids. You are invited to join the dream team for three hours. All you need to do is bring a shoulder of your favourite spirit and your chosen peeps. On arrival our super-talented team will talk your group through their likes, their dislikes and how adventurous they're feeling. Over the course of the three hours, our mixologists will draw on their expertise, using a combination of fresh and homemade ingredients to create a selection of bespoke cocktails. While your cocktails are being shaken and stirred a member of the When Poppy Met Daisy team will lead your session, helping you to create a beautiful headpiece worthy of your big day. During the class you will make an embellished, feather, fascinator. To bring your vision to life you will have access to silk fabrics, beads, pearls, bling and sinimay, Hopefully that is all super clear, however, If you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.

€75.00 / person


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