3FE Speciality Coffee Tasting & Brewing Experience

€65.00 / person
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About 3FE Speciality Coffee Tasting & Brewing Experience

This informal workshop is a fun and friendly two-and-a-half-hour introduction for you and your group into tasting and brewing coffee. You and your group will begin by learning the amazing journey coffee takes, all the way from planting to roasting, as well as tasting a wide and wonderful variety of coffees from around the world. Then, delve into the world of coffee brewing, with a chance for everyone to make some delicious coffee themselves, follow step by step demonstrations and explore a number of different brewing methods, as well as learning some tricks and tips for brewing coffee at home. We guarantee you and your team will learn a lot, taste a lot and laugh a lot. Ideal for groups of 6 - 10. All guests get a goodie bag (value of €27) to take home on the day and light snacks will be provided.

€65.00 / person


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